About Brilliant Metrics

We are a team of talented marketers with a passion for helping clients get to the next level. We consider ourselves a digital-first agency, meaning we see digital as the core and the starting point, and traditional tactics as support.

The Origin Story

Every team of heroes needs a good origin story, right? In 2014, Steve Robinson grew increasingly frustrated with the standard agency-client model and set out to create something different. Initially a consultancy, Brilliant Metrics was born out of a desire to apply more sustainable models to marketing.

Steve was shortly joined by Heather Ohlman, Emily Bechtel and Elizabeth Earin and together they set out to test and apply an iterative approach to marketing which has turned out to be wildly successful. This approach is what we currently call Lean Marketing and it forms the backbone of the method we use, share and teach our clients.

Our Values

  • We value transparency
    We don’t sugarcoat; we acknowledge the elephant in the room; we respectfully share dissenting opinions in the interest of the team, organization and clients.
  • We value data over opinion
    We use our gut for hypotheses and then reference data to make decisions whenever feasible, questioning assumptions without the data to back them up.
  • We value empathy
    We value our understanding of those around us and the audiences to whom we market. We pause to see the world through others’ eyes before making decisions or statements.
  • We value personal growth and learning
    We strive to be the best at fulfilling our role and set aside time to advance our knowledge. We leverage our innate curiosity to fully understand the work we are doing over time.
  • We value a culture of kindness
    We genuinely care about each other, our clients, and the world we live in.

The Team

Emily Bechtel


Sarah Bohac

Marketing Specialist

Elizabeth Earin

Partner, Account Manager

Ariel Machado

Account Manager

Graham Miles

Marketo Consultant

Heather Ohlman


Steve Robinson

Founder & CEO

Hannah Sperandio

Marketing Strategist