Bots in Web Analytics: Distorting Data and Decisions

In today’s video, Steve Robinson discusses the overlooked issue of bots skewing web analytics data. While platforms like Google Analytics claim to remove bot traffic, they may not do so effectively, which can seriously compromise the quality and reliability of your data.

Key Points:

  • Google Analytics might let up to 70-80% of traffic be bot traffic, affecting the authenticity of reported data.
  • The presence of bots on websites can hinder the effectiveness of A/B tests, as bots do not differentiate between versions.
  • Bot Badger, a new product developed by Brilliant Metrics, addresses the concern of bots in analytics.

The presence of bots in web analytics is a critical challenge that many might not be aware of. As Steve highlights, for genuine insights and effective decision-making, it’s crucial for website owners and marketers to identify and address the influence of these bots. Consider utilizing tools like Bot Badger to get a clearer view of your data.

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