Content Marketing is Dead

In today’s video, Steve Robinson makes a bold declaration: content marketing is dead. With the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Jasper, how consumers interact with content has undergone a dramatic shift. The convenience of asking a generative AI assistant for information, coupled with technological integrations like Windows’ copilot key and Siri’s impending AI enhancements, is shifting the way people seek answers to their questions. This change signals a diminishing reliance on traditional search engines for information retrieval.

Key Points:

  • Decline of Traditional Content Marketing: Expect a significant downturn in website traffic from articles aimed at answering basic queries. As AI assistants become more integrated into our digital lives, the traditional method of using content to drive website traffic will become less effective.
  • Rise of Experience Marketing: In place of content marketing, cater towards “experience marketing.” This strategy focuses on creating engaging, unexpected, and delightful content that entertains or educates the audience in ways they wouldn’t have discovered on their own.
  • Strategies for Engagement: Leverage social media, email, and community platforms to deliver this experiential content. By surprising and delighting prospects and customers, brands can forge stronger connections and stay relevant in the post-AI marketing era.

The message is clear: the key to thriving with AI is to adapt to the new era of experience marketing. By focusing on creating unique and memorable experiences, marketers can overcome the challenges posed by changing consumer behavior.

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