Crafting Core Offers that Convert: 4 Key Ingredients

Ever send out an email and crickets chirp back? That could be your offer’s fault. In this video, we explore core offers, the marketing muscle behind getting customers to take action.

The key is understanding the two main offer types: lead magnets and core offers. Lead magnets provide valuable content in exchange for contact information, while core offers present your product or service directly.

Here are 4 ingredients to cook up a core offer that compels action:

  1. Frame it right.  Don’t make prospects guess what you do. Package your offer clearly, highlighting how you solve their problems differently than competitors.
  2. Spark urgency.  Fight procrastination with time-bound offers. Give prospects a deadline to claim a bonus or special rate, encouraging them to act now.
  3. Be uniquely you.  Generic offers get lost in the crowd. Stack your core offer with unique bonuses or features that can’t be found elsewhere.
  4. Make it a no-brainer.  The value formula is your secret weapon.  Focus on maximizing the benefits your prospect receives, while minimizing the risk, effort, and time it takes to see results.

By following these tips, you can craft core offers that are impossible for your ideal customer to refuse.  Watch the full video to dive deeper into each ingredient and unlock the secrets of core offer success.

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