Exploring the Differences Between Lead Generation and Demand Generation

In this video, Steve Robinson discusses the differences between lead generation and demand generation, two distinct marketing strategies often confused or used interchangeably. He highlights their objectives, measurements of success, and tactics employed in each approach.

Key Points:

  • Lead Generation:
    • Objective: Generate a high quantity and quality of leads for sales to nurture and close.
    • Measurement of Success: Quantity and quality of leads generated by marketing.
    • Tactics: Gating content to identify and nurture leads by using forms for webinars, event registrations, gated eBooks, white papers, or tools and utilities.
  • Demand Generation:
    • Objective: Raise awareness, understanding, and trust in products/services to generate more inbound leads and better-informed prospects.
    • Measurement of Success: Revenue, pipeline velocity, or other shared metrics between marketing and sales.
    • Tactics: Ensuring content is easily accessible, without gating, to maximize exposure and reach.

In summary, lead generation focuses on producing leads for sales teams, whereas demand generation aims to build awareness and trust in the brand. While lead generation programs are easier to measure and separate marketing’s contributions from sales, demand generation programs guarantee a higher return on investment due to their focus on creating better-informed prospects. Understanding the difference between the two is essential for businesses to develop effective marketing strategies tailored to their specific goals.

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