Iterative Marketing Podcast Episode 10: How To Break Down Department Silos

Competing for resources and recognition has perpetuated the silo mentality between departments, especially marketing and sales. This week, we identify ways to break down those department silos.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Silos exist across organizations everywhere, between Marketing & IT, Human Resources, Customer Service and Sales.
  • Breaking down silos between Marketing and Sales increases collaboration, reduces duplicated effort, leverages expertise and creates consistency.
  • To break down silos, departments must change how they operate, with endorsement from the top of the org chart.
  • There are many opportunities to collaborate across Marketing and Sales, specifically: personas, customer journey mapping, brand development, content creation, experimentation and feedback on lead generation.
  • Learn six tips for successfully integrating Marketing & Sales.

For more information on the charity in this episode, please visit Food Link.

The Iterative Marketing Podcast,  a production of Brilliant Metrics, ran from February 2016 to September 2017. Music by SeaStock Audio.

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