Iterative Marketing Podcast Episode 31: A Deep Dive Into ‘Do’ State

See-Think-Do is a marketing framework for understanding your prospect’s state of being. Because it is customer-centric and aligns well with the Iterative Marketing methodology, we refer to it often.  People move in and out of different states as priorities change and they interact with different products and providers. This episode takes a deep dive into ‘Do’ and outlines the goals, content, targeting and measurement for the state.  ‘Do’ state is the audience who has made a commitment to themselves or someone else to buy.

In this episode, we discuss…

Overview of the Journey States:

Goals for the ‘Do’ State Audience:

  • Elicit action or commitment to purchase
  • Be a resource as they complete the buyers journey
  • If a salesperson is involved support them without getting in the way
  • Reinforce the brand and its key messages

Content for the “Do” State Audience:

  • Introduce the features and benefits that allow them to rationalize this emotional decision
  • Create a sense of urgency or a need to act now
  • Opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell

Targeting for the “Do” State Audience:

  • We can target the “Do” state with first-party data: who is interacting with “ready-to-buy” content on our site
  • We can also target the “do” state using CRM data if the sales team is diligent in updating status
  • PPC is a great way to reach “do” state people not already in our pipeline with high intent keywords

Measurement for the “Do” State Audience:

  • With the do audience, our goal is to ultimately close sales. So this is the easiest of the three states to measure effectiveness.
  • Key performance indicators include:
    • Close rate
    • Average sale size
    • Time to close
    • And the most important, Attributable Revenue
    • Any other metric that shows the value that marketing added

For more information on the charity in this episode, please visit Randy Schopen Give Someone A Chance Foundation.

The Iterative Marketing Podcast,  a production of Brilliant Metrics, ran from February 2016 to September 2017. Music by SeaStock Audio.

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