Maximize Your Marketing Investment With The PESO Model

In this video, Steve Robinson explains the PESO model, which is an acronym for paid, earned, shared, and owned. This model can be used to evaluate the success of a digital media strategy and make sure that all areas of marketing are being maximized.

Key Points:

  • Paid media: This is where you pay for access to somebody else’s audience. Examples include influencer marketing, programmatic paid media, TV spots, radio, and outdoor advertising.
  • Earned media: This is traditional PR where you get press mentions or piggyback off somebody else’s audience for free in exchange for value.
  • Shared media: This is leveraging everyday people’s audience through social media or when somebody comments or shares content online. It’s extremely valuable and can also be in dark social like text messages or emails.
  • Owned media: This is the type of media or content that you own such as a publication, website, video, or email newsletter that attracts and retains an audience on its own.

How to Use the PESO Model:

  • Evaluate success and key performance indicators for each area separately to see if there’s an opportunity to expand or contract activities.
  • Check the boxes in all four areas to leave no gaps in the strategy.

Using the PESO model can help ensure that all areas of marketing are being maximized for investment. By evaluating each area separately, marketers can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about their strategy.

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