QR Codes: The Innovative Way to Blend Online and Offline Marketing

In this video, we explore how QR codes have become an integral part of marketing strategies, especially in light of the pandemic. We highlight two valuable methods that marketers can employ to optimize their return on investment by seamlessly integrating online and offline marketing approaches.

Practical Applications of QR Codes:

  • Trade Shows and Events: QR codes find great utility at trade shows and events. By placing QR codes at various displays, marketers can enable visitors to effortlessly access additional information about the showcased products or services. This not only provides visitors with an immediate opportunity to share their contact details and subscribe, but it also allows marketers to retarget these individuals by “cookie-ing” their devices directly from the QR code.
  • Direct Mail: QR codes can be effectively utilized in direct mail campaigns. Instead of including traditional URLs, we recommend incorporating QR codes into postcards or other direct mail materials. This enables recipients to instantly register for webinars or events, and with the implementation of progressive printing, it can even eliminate the need for tedious form filling.

The rise in QR code usage during the pandemic has presented marketers with fresh possibilities to seamlessly blend online and offline strategies. These approaches not only maximize the return on investments but also cater to the convenience of the target audience. By employing QR codes in these ways, marketers can effectively extend their reach and enhance audience engagement.

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