Why Boosting on Facebook Misses the Mark for B2B Success

The idea of quickly boosting your message to a wide audience through social media is appealing. You might think, “Hey, just a few clicks, a little budget, and my post is everywhere!” It sounds simple. But the game changes when you’re aiming to connect with the right people—those specific buyer personas who are genuinely interested in what your business offers. You’re not just looking to reach anyone; you want to reach the right ones who can benefit from your products or services. So, while boosting posts on social media might seem like an easy shortcut to get your brand out there, it’s time to dive a little deeper. Let’s explore why a more targeted marketing approach might be the better path for making meaningful connections and driving real results for your B2B business.

The Limitations of Facebook Boosted Posts

You’re not alone if you’ve ever tapped that “Boost Post” button on Facebook, aiming for a quick reach. It’s tempting, right? With just a few clicks, your message is in front of more eyes. But when it comes to genuinely connecting with your ideal business clients, there’s more to the story.

Lack of Advanced Targeting Options

At the heart of any targeted marketing campaign is the desire to reach specific audience segments with messages that resonate deeply with their needs and interests. However, when relying on Facebook Boosted Posts, you’re constrained to basic targeting options like gender, age, location, and broad demographic categories. While these criteria can serve as a starting point, they often fall short in the nuanced world of B2B marketing. 

Facebook does offer Interest targeting, but it encompasses broad categories that might not align with the specific industries, professional roles, or business needs relevant to your B2B audience. This discrepancy means that even when you use interest targeting, the connection made is often superficial and less effective for engaging a B2B audience.

Limited Ad Placement

Targeting your audience with precision often involves reaching them on the specific devices or operating systems they use most. However, when you opt for Facebook Boosted Posts, this level of targeting just isn’t available. This limitation means you can’t customize your ad placements to appear more frequently on mobile devices if you know your target audience primarily accesses content on the go. Nor can you optimize your campaigns for users of specific operating systems, which could be crucial if your product or service is tailored to users within a particular tech ecosystem. The inability to fine-tune where and how your ads are displayed can significantly dilute the effectiveness of your outreach, making it harder to connect with your audience in the most impactful way.

Unable to Edit Boosted Posts Once Published

When it comes to making timely adjustments, the rigid structure of Facebook Boosted Posts poses a significant challenge. If, during your campaign, you find the need to refine your message or strategy, your hands are tied. The only way to implement changes to text, images or video is to delete your existing ad and create a new one from the ground up. This disrupts your campaign’s momentum and leads to increased costs. Such inflexibility means that responding dynamically to campaign performance or audience feedback is not an option, potentially limiting the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Can’t Optimize Boosted Posts On the Fly

Once your post is out there, it’s fixed — no edits are allowed. If you want to make any changes, you’ll have to cancel your current campaign and launch a new one, potentially leading to additional expenses. This rigidity means you can’t adjust your approach on the fly, keeping your ad spend locked in regardless of your campaign’s performance.

While Facebook Boosted Posts seem like an easy win, they might not be the champion you’re looking for, especially when precision and flexibility are key. Let’s explore what can get you in front of the right eyes without the limitations holding you back.

Alternatives to Boosting: Paid Social Campaigns and Paid Search

When it comes to getting your brand noticed and driving traffic to your site, there’s a smarter way to spend your marketing dollars than on boosted posts – Paid Search and Paid Social.

Understanding Paid Social and Paid Search

  • Paid Social Campaigns involve advertising on social media platforms. These campaigns let you place your content directly in the feeds of specific audiences you choose based on detailed criteria, from job titles to specific interests or behaviors, far beyond the basic demographics offered by boosted posts.
  • Paid Search, on the other hand, refers to ads that appear at the top of search engine results pages. When someone searches for keywords related to your business, your ad can appear right where they’re already looking. This method ensures that your brand is visible to those actively seeking the solutions you provide.

Advantages of Embracing Paid Social and Paid Search

  • Immediate Visibility: Your brand gets prime real estate at the top of search results or within targeted social feeds, making sure you’re seen by potential customers from the get-go.
  • Higher Traffic Potential: These targeted approaches drive more qualified traffic to your site, which is particularly beneficial for emerging companies aiming to build their presence.
  • Targeting Interested Customers: Reach individuals actively searching for your solutions, ensuring a higher likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  • Measurable Results: Gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns with comprehensive analytics, from visitor locations to their interactions on your site.
  • Flexibility in Optimizations: Easily adjust keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to optimize performance, keeping your campaigns as effective as possible.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Control your spending with no minimum requirements and a cost-per-click model, focusing your budget on efforts that yield actual interest.
  • Aligning with B2B Sales Cycles: These campaigns can be tailored to match the nuanced journey of B2B buyers, nurturing leads through longer sales cycles and supporting your sales team’s efforts.

Why Shift Towards These Alternatives?

Switching from boosted posts to paid social and paid search campaigns represents a strategic move towards more precise, effective marketing. This shift enhances your ability to target and engage potential B2B clients and offers the agility to adapt your strategies based on real-time data and results. By focusing your efforts on platforms that allow for detailed targeting and measurable outcomes, you’re investing in marketing that reaches and resonates with your ideal customer base.

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy beyond the limitations of boosted posts? If you’re exploring the vast potential of paid social and paid search campaigns specially tailored for the nuanced needs of your B2B manufacturing business, we’re here to help guide you through this journey. Schedule a free discovery call with Brilliant Metrics today. We will collaborate to craft a marketing plan that achieves your business objectives. 

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