How To Develop a B2B Content Strategy That Generates Results

Content marketing is a key component of most marketing strategies, yet many marketers underestimate the importance of a well-documented content strategy. Instead, brands create a content calendar and invest resources in developing content that fails to produce results.

While the idea of a content strategy is simple, the process of creating one is surprisingly complex. In this webinar, we explore how to create an effective B2B content strategy, including:

  • How to establish content marketing goals that align with business objectives
  • A proven content strategy methodology framework
  • Idenitfy and develop content that consistently engages your target audience
  • Content Calendar template that ties it all together
  • The different content marketing metrics you should be measuring, and how they impact the bottom line

Whether you are introducing content for the first time or trying to wrangle your current content production, the topics we cover in the webinar will enable you to develop a B2B Content Strategy that generates results.