Live Webinar: Demystifying Lead Scoring

Thursday, July 18, at 12pm

Implementing lead scoring can seem daunting – whether it’s having quality data, the right technology, or guiding the team through changes in process, it looks scary. 

But if done right, the benefits are well worth it:

  • Higher quality leads: When marketing teams pass on anyone who fills out a form as a “lead,” sales gets frustrated with lead quality. Lead scoring helps separate those with intent from those kicking tires.
  • More Leads: When marketing only sends sales prospects who’ve raised their hand to buy, sales ends up starved for more leads. Lead scoring helps proactively identify those with intent, increasing lead quantity and getting sales engaged earlier in the process.
  • Better Relationship with Sales: Partnering on a transparent lead scoring system with a feedback loop helps improve communications and collaboration with sales. 
  • Better Decision-Making: By looking at the marketing channels impacting scores, you can know where to put your limited resources to have the most impact.

So let’s get you scoring some leads and realizing those benefits. In this webinar, we’ll go through the top three issues holding B2B marketers like you back from getting a kick-butt lead scoring program in place:

  1. How do I get my initial set of scored activities? We’ll go through some baseline activities and weightings to get you started and share how to optimize from there.
  2. How do I engage sales in the process? We’ll share how to engage sales in the setup and refinement of the system using a feedback process we innovated and refined over several years.
  3. How do I report on success? We’ll share the simple report we use to quickly and easily communicate success and progress in scored lead generation. 

Join us on July 18 and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get a lead scoring program in place at your organization.

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