Webinar: Getting Started with Buyer Personas

If you don’t have buyer personas in place, you’re missing out on a whole new level of alignment and personalization.

This one simple tool can align a wide variety of stakeholders including executives, sales, internal and external resources. When everyone has a crystal clear picture of your audience, content, creative, targeting, messaging and outreach suddenly all fall into alignment.

Join us on June 24 when our own Steve Robinson will walk you through a mini version of our acclaimed persona workshop. There you will learn:

  • The full value of documented buyer personas
  • Tips for segmenting your audience to create the right number of persona profiles
  • Research techniques to build buyer personas on a budget
  • How to stakeholders in the process to make sure you come out of the gate aligned
  • Best practices for getting the most mileage out of your new personas

BONUS: Attendees will get copies of the very same templates we use for building personas with our clients.