How To Grow Your Marketing Budget in a Recession

Learn how to strategically plan and tactically execute to set your business up to succeed before, during and after a recession hits

The looming threat of recession is causing fear in many marketing departments. History has shown that when the market declines, marketing budgets are cut as an immediate cost-saving measure. However, with marketing and advertising budgets contributing heavily to business growth, the wrong cuts can leave your business hurting and unable to bounce back when the economy recovers.

Smart marketers know that retaining, or even growing, the marketing budget gives brands an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and impact market share and long-term bottom-line growth. In this webinar, we will explore why spending on marketing is one of the best tactics in a recession, including

  • The importance and benefits of marketing during a recession
  • The strategies to focus on to optimize return
  • How to make the case to grow your budget
  • Where to prioritize resources if you are forced to make a budget cut
  • Real examples of why doubling down on marketing during a recession are one the best tactics to positively impact the bottom line long-term

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