Webinar: Executing Effective AB Tests

A/B testing sounds simple… until you try to do it. If you’re like most marketers, you struggle to get meaningful insights from your A/B tests, possibly to the point you’ve given up on them altogether.

In this webinar, we cover the keys to success we’ve found over the years in executing effective A/B tests – both in maximizing the insights derived as well as maximizing the probability of success.

Specifically, you’ll walk away with:

  • How to architect an A/B test that teaches you about your audience, not your ads
  • Step-by-step process to use a sample size calculator to gauge the probability of a conclusive result
  • Key gotchas to avoid when executing A/B tests with advertising
  • Tools for executing A/B tests on landing pages
  • Understanding of why and how to use an A/B test calculator to have certainly your result wasn’t a fluke

Raise your A/B testing game to elevate your A/B testing strategy and achieve unparalleled clarity on what truly resonates with your audience.

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