Webinar: Leveraging the Relationship Between Brand and Branding in B2B

Branding is often an afterthought in B2B marketing, and because of that, many of us B2B marketers are left with a limited grasp on what our brand is and how to leverage it to get greater results.

In this webinar, we take about 40 minutes to share how we coach clients to wrangle and then leverage their brand and be deliberate and pragmatic in their branding efforts. We highlight the relationship between brand and branding and clear up the common confusion about what the two terms mean.

Watching this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

  • Clear definitions of brand and branding and how each influences the other
  • Low-cost strategies for quantifying your brand perception and awareness
  • Tactics for aligning your branding with your brand to improve the effectiveness of all your marketing
  • The confidence to take ownership of your brand and turn your brand into an asset that works for you!

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