Webinar: Maximizing Profits with Channel Partners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your sales channel is financially incentivized to sell your product, so you don’t need to market to them, right?


Imagine unlocking an ROI so astounding, it redefines your marketing playbook. That’s exactly what we did for one B2B client when we turned $466 in ad spend into a staggering $218,000 in revenue – simply by marketing to the channel with precision and purpose.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the biggest impact from email marketing and paid media when directed at the reps, dealers, and distributors already incentivized to sell your products. 

But we’ve also learned quite a bit along the way. Join us as we reveal:

  • Why this works – the psychology behind successful channel marketing
  • Personalization hacks needed to make channel marketing successful
  • Ideal mix of brand, content and product media to maximize impact
  • How to measure success in your channel marketing

When you combine psychology with personalization, measurement and messaging, your marketing to channel partners goes from ineffective to game-changing.

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