Webinar: Show Your Impact With Google Analytics 4

With Universal Analytics goals were our workhorse for demonstrating the impact of everything from email to organic social media and paid media. 

Stakeholders in the business could log into Google Analytics and intuitively see how things were doing.

Google Analytics 4 changes all of that. The new user interface isn’t nearly as intuitive. Goals are now “Conversion Events” and do less to demonstrate results and more to tell Google Ads that a good thing happened. 

In this webinar, we dive into how to use metrics in addition to conversion events to create meaningful reports. We also show you how to build custom reports inside of GA4 to show off your results, or better yet, use a Looker Studio dashboard to make it easier for your boss and others within the organization to check in.

You’ll come away with:

  • A better understanding of the differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 measurement
  • Clear direction on how to set up Google Analytics 4 to capture your results and success
  • The necessary knowledge to build custom reports and Looker Studio dashboards to show others how awesome you are

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