Webinar: Unlocking Google Search Console’s Power – Tips for Everyday Marketers

Google Search Console is an incredibly powerful tool and because of that, many marketers think it’s only valuable for SEO experts and consultants. But the truth is, this free tool gives everyday marketers incredible insights and valuable feedback on the content they create every day.

In this webinar, we dig into search console and how you can use it to:

  • See what content is performing well and where it can be further improved
  • Establish a benchmark and spot trends in brand awareness/demand
  • Identify issues with your website that need to be addressed by your web developer
  • Spot opportunities to improve content to drive more search traffic
  • …and more

If you’ve been intimidated by Google Search Console, or just unaware of the value this tool can offer, this webinar will help you get immense value out of this free tool.

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