Content & Creative

Producing and optimizing content and creative.


You are able to deliver regular content peices because you have the resources in place to produce it. You wish you could be more strategic in the content you produce, but your direction is usually coming from sales or the product teams and you lack data and insights into what your audience wants. You also wish you had a better handle on what content works and what doesn't, but you lack volume of engagement and/or the technology or skills to get metrics out of the engagement.


You are able to keep content and creative on track to acheive departmental goals because you have an editorial calendar keeping it organized and focused. You wish you had a better process for optimization, but lack the skills or technology to A/B test and/or the metrics and feedback on what's working.


Every piece of contet you produce is focused on results because you have an editorial calendar (with an objective, audience and point in the buyers journey for each peice), plus a written buyers journey and personas to guide you and your internal and external resources. You keep the graph moving up and to the right because you regularly experiment and optimize your content and have the feedback loops to understand what's performing. You wish you could do more to optimize, but lack the resources or analytics capabilities to apply continuous improvement to your entire catalog of content.


You get the maximum ROI from every single piece of content or creative by not only keeping it focused (using an editorial calendar, personas and a written buyer's journey), but you also maximize reuse, both over a long period of time (evergreen) and across mediums (written, audio, video, graphics). You make sure your entire body of content and creative continues to produce results because you have a process in place for revisiting old content and enhancing, updating or optimizing it.