ABM Workshop

Account-based marketing (ABM) is positioned as the next big thing in B2B marketing. According to Sirius Decisions, more than 90%  percent of B2B marketers believe that account-based marketing is a must-have. If you’re like most of the marketers we talk to, you don’t feel prepared to adopt an ABM methodology.  

In this customized workshop, we will break down account-based marketing and help you and your team determine what flavor of ABM is right for your company’s objectives and resources.  Together, we plot a path from where you are today and where you need to be to achieve the ABM program you envision.

You and your team will learn what you need to: 

  • Build the foundations for a successful account-based marketing program
  • Identify and prioritize target accounts
  • Develop content that uses targeted value propositions to drive engagement and action
  • Execute integrated, multi-channel campaigns
  • Find the right metrics  to demonstrate interim success to scale your program in the future
  • Build the executive-level consensus and support needed for success.

Flip the funnel and put yourself in control of the quality of leads you generate by qualifying your targets first, then reel them in with a collaborative sales and marketing strategy.

“ABM was a very new concept for all at Crystal Group. Steve did a great job explaining what this program would look like specifically for us. He was able to engage our team and get us really fired up about reaching our goals.”

Jessica Joyce

Marketing Manager, Crystal Group

Key Benefits

Account-based marketing flips the traditional lead gen funnel on its head. Instead of passing leads off to the sales team and hoping they are a right-fit account, ABM programs qualify the leads before marketing begins its outreach. This ensures that every prospect sales come in contact with isn’t just a right-fit account – it is the best-fit account. The benefits of account-based marketing programs include:

  • NImproved close rates
  • NShortened sales cycles
  • NHigher deal sizes
  • NA more informed buyer, leading to a more satisfied buyer
  • NBetter collaboration between marketing and sales
  • NA more consistent brand experience, leading to more and better referrals

Our Process

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Working with the core marketing team, we get a better understanding of what led you to pursue ABM, your expectations for an ABM program, and the key players from the sales, marketing and operations teams.

Kick-Off Email

Prior to the workshop, we will send a pre-recorded video to the ABM team to get them excited for the workshop. This video will provide a brief background on ABM fundamentals and what we hope to accomplish in the workshop.

ABM Workshop

  • NOur virtual, hands-on workshop begins with a review of account-based marketing
  • NDiscuss the different types of ABM programs and identify which is the right fit, based on your organization’s objectives and resources
  • NWe will have an open discussion of what a best-fit account look like, and begin working on a target account list
  • NOnce we have identified what a best-fit account looks like, we will identify the specifiers, key decision-makers, and influencers and the role each plays in the sales process
  • NNow it's time to dig deeper into the identified target personas and understand their needs during the sales process, including pain points, aspirations and key motivators
  • NWe’ll bring it all together to identify the specific content needed to support the prospect as they move through the buyer’s journey
  • NOnce we know what content is needed, we develop a marketing and sales cadence, a roadmap for when, where and how your brand will interact with the different personas
  • NFinally, we will identify the KPIs, metrics and measurements we used to measure the effectiveness of the ABM program and align on what success looks like

Post Workshop

After the workshop, your team will meet to finalize your ABM roadmap. Brilliant Metrics will be available to review the finished plan and provide a final round of feedback.

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Why Do I Need to Bring in an Outside Resource for My ABM Workshop?

When it comes to creating an account-based marketing program, we find ourselves competing against in-house teams.

Compared to an in-house ABM strategic planning, there are three areas where working with us will produce a far superior result:

  • NSince ABM involves both Marketing and Sales, having an outside resource lead the workshop can serve as a buffer between both parties, preventing the impression that either one is more important than the other.
  • NAs an outside third party, it is significantly easier for us to see the big picture, and not get caught up in the weeds.
  • NFinally, we have worked with many other organizations in a variety of industries to plan and implement an account-based marketing program, and we know how to efficiently guide teams through to excellent results.

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