Buyer’s Journey Workshop

Today’s buyer’s have more information than ever before. This has shifted the balance of power from the sales team to the buyer. By understanding the buyer’s path to purchase, marketing and sales are empowered to structure their marketing and sales outreach in the most effective and efficient way to drive action. In this workshop, Brilliant Metrics will work with your sales and marketing departments to document the buyer’s journey. We will uncover the prospect’s thoughts and actions as they move through each stage of the b buying journey, and identify what the prospect needs to hear and feel to continue moving down the path to purchase.

The result is a shared understanding, throughout the organization, about the needs of the prospect along each stage of the buying journey, and the content and delivery methods that will break through the noise and motivate the prospect to take action.

Key Benefits

A Buyer’s Journey allows you to provide meet the needs and provide value to your prospect at every stage of their journey. This gives you the opportunity to guide the customers towards a making a decision, and if done right, the decision to buy from you. By creating and delivering content that proactively addresses the buyer’s needs, you have the unique advantage of guiding them through their purchasing decision, and gaining their trust.

  • NThe buyer’s journey uncovers the questions your prospect is asking, giving you the opportunity to proactively create the content they are actively searching for
  • NDelivering the right content and the right time leads to an increase in engagements
  • NAligning the sales process with the buyer’s journey allows your sales team to make better, stronger connections with the prospect and move them closer to the sale
  • NProvides an easy way to share relevant information across the organization in easy-to-understand and compelling ways
  • NHelps organizations to identify and prioritize specific initiatives that can lead to an improved customer experience

Our Process

Project Kick-Off Meeting

We gather the right people to discuss objectives, timelines and expectations so everyone is on the same page. This is also when we identify supporting assets and prep work to get the most out of our virtual workshops.

Asset Review and Analysis

Pre-workshop, we will send a survey to all workshop participants that will allow them to put themselves in the shoes of the prospect. Brilliant Metrics will review the survey results, along with any other supporting assets, to create an action-driven agenda for the workshop.

2-Day Buyer’s Journey Workshop

  • NOur virtual, hands-on workshop begins with a review of the power of a buyer’s journey and how it creates alignment between the marketing and sales teams, gaining buy-in from the team
  • NFrom there, we identify all roles or personas in the buying process and determine if we are focusing on the specifier or decision-maker
  • NUsing the information gathered in the Asset Review and the inherent knowledge from your team, we work together to identify what the customer is thinking, feeling and doing at each relevant stage in the buyer’s journey
  • NThis collaborative work effort comes together to form the first draft of the Buyer’s Journey, which includes identifying influencers and what this person needs to hear in each stage of the buyer’s journey

Post-Workshop Deliverables

Brilliant Metrics will provide a fully-flushed Buyer’s Journey, which includes existing content and content opportunities. In addition, we will provide recommendations on quick ways to start using your Buyer’s Journey to create a stronger alignment between sales and marketing.


estimated workshop investment

Why Brilliant Metrics

When it comes to buyer’s journey discovery, we find ourselves competing against in-house teams.

Compared to in-house buyer’s journey discovery process, there are three areas working with us will produce a far superior result:

  • NAs an outside third-party, it is significantly easier to build consensus within the organization. We don’t have any of the politics, history, or hierarchy to deal with and can focus on getting everyone aligned.
  • NWe have done this before. A lot. We spot the pitfalls before they happen and can consistently guide teams through to excellent results efficiently.
  • NFinally, if first-party research such as a survey is needed, we can administer that survey as an independent third party and get more honest feedback.

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