Are you lacking the focus you need to reach your potential?

Are you missing the clarity you need to reach your potential?

Are you lacking the guidance you need to reach your potential?

If this sounds familiar, it is time to hire a marketing coach to help you get out of the strategic, operational and personal stagnation and catapult into massive action.

Our marketing coaches combine strategic marketing advice with advanced technical skills and a process that encourages accountability of your sales and marketing efforts. We help marketers develop the skills and strategies needed for long-term success by empowering their marketing team and improving marketing’s contribution.

From developing your skills to driving new business, your marketing coach is dedicated entirely to your success. With a marketing coach, you, your team and your organization can grow in a way you have not been able to achieve on your own. 

Key Benefits

Brilliant Metrics coaching services will improve marketing’s impact on business outcomes and accelerate your professional growth. Coaching clients who work with us realize the following benefits:

  • NFeel less overwhelmed
  • NGet clarity on where to focus
  • NDiscover the tools and tactics you really need - and get rid of the ones you don’t
  • NAccelerate your professional growth and the impact of your marketing

Our Process

Discovery Call

Coaching is specific to the unique situation and needs of you and your organization. In this 60-minute discovery meeting, we uncover opportunities and pain points, then take the first steps in translating your vision into a focused plan to get you the one-on-one help you need.

Coaching Match

Based on the needs outlined in the discovery call, we match your situation and needs to one of our marketing coaches, facilitating your selection to ensure you get the expertise and cultural fit needed for success.

Statement of Work

Brilliant Metrics develops a custom statement of work, outlining the work recommended to meet your desired outcomes, including scope of work, timeframes and costs.

You Set the Pace, We Hold You Accountable

Based on your needs, you and your coach will meet on a regular basis. The frequency of these meetings depends on you and your goals. It may be once a week, every other week or once a month.

Marketing Agency vs Marketing Coach

When it comes to hiring someone to help with marketing, you have two options – a marketing coach or an agency. 

With a marketing coach, you are more likely to work one on one with a marketing expert that focuses on one key area, like strategy or planning or execution. Rarely do you get all three, and the focus will be on helping your team develop the skills (with some marketing advice thrown in) to manage the tactical execution on your own. 

With a marketing agency, you get access to a team of resources that are experienced in strategy, planning and execution. The agency can facilitate all three needs, and focus on advising and executing on your behalf.

At Brilliant Metrics, you get the best of both worlds. Your marketing coach comes with expert-level knowledge, gained from developing strategies and managing programs, and backed with the hands-on experience of our entire digital team. This allows us to bring in the right expert for you at the level you need, and gives you the ability to do as much (or as little) as you have the resources and headspace to do.

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