Content Workshop

According to statistics published by the Content Marketing Institute, 62 percent of B2B businesses report an increased pay-off from their content marketing efforts, with 72 percent of those attributing their success to the implementation of a comprehensive content strategy.

Yet, many companies are still struggling to hone their strategies in a way that can govern and guide their content to even greater success. That is because, while the idea of a content strategy is simple, the process of developing the strategy is surprisingly complex.

In this workshop, we help you establish content marketing objectives, developing a strategy and carefully strategizing all of your content ahead of time so that you can generate better results for your business – whether it’s an improved search engine ranking, more traffic, more social shares or more leads and conversions.

Key Benefits

Great content doesn’t “just happen.” It is the result of a carefully planned and well-documented content strategy that produces consistent content with a cohesive message. The outcome?

  • NEstablishes goals and objectives to ensure that every piece of content developed achieves your larger brand goals
  • NGives you a more holistic approach to content creation, allowing you to publish (and repurpose) a steady stream of highly-targeted and relevant content
  • NAllows you to allocate your content development resources more efficiently, making the case for new team members or understanding what needs to be outsourced
  • NHelps you identify gaps in content , ensuring you have content coverage extending over the entire buyer’s journey

Our Process

Project Kick-Off Meeting

We align on workshop objectives, getting a clear understanding of target audiences, business goals and available resources.  This is also when we identify supporting assets and prep work to get the most out of our virtual workshops.

Content Strategy Workshop

During your virtual, hands-on workshop we break down the different components of content strategy and walk you and your team through the steps to document your content strategy, including:

  • NAlign on your content mission
  • NDocument content objectives and goals
  • NDefine your audience
  • NOutline the process for a content audit
  • NIdenitfy distribution channels
  • NHow to measure your results
  • NProvide an Editorial Calendar Template that provides outline for tactical execution of your content strategy

Post-Workshop Follow Up

After the workshop, your team will meet to finalize your Content Strategy. Brilliant Metrics will be available to review the finished plan and provide a final round of feedback. 

Starting at:


Why Brilliant Metrics

Getting the right message to the right customer at the right time and for the right reason is crucial to breaking through noise. If any of these strategic components are missing, your content will not get the results you need. Clients who worked with us to develop a content strategy have benefited from:

  • NDocumented goals, mapped to each piece of content
  • NFocus for limited resources on the areas that have the biggest impact
  • NIncreased organic search traffic and expanded brand awareness
  • NIncreased engagements with consistent content that aligns with the prospect’s needs and goals
  • NIdentification of new content opportunities
  • 3Optimization of the marketing team and improved ROI

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