Data Mining & Data Enrichment

Are the records in your CRM database missing key information, like names, phone numbers or addresses? 

Does your database contain duplicate data? 

Are you missing a database hygiene program that removes expired data? 

Do you want to target a key account, but don’t know how to reach them?

The quality and depth of your CRM data directly affects your sales and marketing efforts, yet most companies do not have a program in place to manage or expand the data.

To strengthen your impact, Brilliant Metrics helps you identify issues and opportunities within your current database, clean the bad data, and discover and mine the publicly-available contact information to expand your reach at key accounts. With ever-evolving data privacy legislation in mind, we use this data to expand your marketing outreach.

Our services include:

  • CRM data analysis to discover insights and opportunities within your database
  • Identifying and correcting data quality issues within your current database, including standardizing the data
  • Supplementing current CRM data with third-party data
  • Identifying potential new contacts to expand marketing outreach
  • Providing direction on data maintenance methods to ensure ongoing data management practices

Whether you want to clean your current database or increase reach within a niche target audience, our database services can help improve the quality and depth of your data.

Key Benefits

A high-quality CRM database is a marketer’s most effective tool, leading to better customer retention, and increased sales and detailed analytics. At Brilliant Metrics, our data mining and data management services help our clients improve database quality, resulting in: 

  • NReduction of duplicate contacts, resulting in lower database fees
  • NImproved customer segmentation for better targeting
  • NIncreased email performance, including improved sender ratings
  • NBetter communication between marketing and sales through a centralized database of up-to-date information

Our Process

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Prior to starting any work, we meet with you to align on objectives.


Based on your needs, we review your CRM database to identify issues and opportunities, then recommend a course of action to address them.

Data Mining and/or Data Enrichment

Using our proprietary data mining and enrichment tools, we identify new records to be added to your database or 3rd party data to append to current records. To ensure compliance with current privacy policy legislation, we will also update marketing permissions within the CRM record.

Database Maintenance

If needed, Brilliant Metrics recommends, or implements on your behalf, a database maintenance program that removes invalid or outdated information.

Can’t I Just Purchase a List? 

While buying a list is a quick way to expand your CRM database for email marketing or paid media targeting, there are more disadvantages than advantages, including:

  • NPaying for out-of-date or incomplete contact information
  • NGetting caught in a honeypot and dubbed as a spammer
  • NPossessing information that is in violation of CCPA, CPRA, CDPA, CPA, New York Shield Act, CAN-SPAM, GDPR or LGPD
  • NDetrimental effect on marketing metrics, including open rate, CTR, and unsubscribe rates, which makes it harder to draw insightful conclusions on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • NIncreased competition from everyone who bought the same list

If you need to expand your database or targeting list, click below to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation to talk through alternatives to buying an email list or media targeting list. 

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