Lead Generation Workshop

Inbound lead generation is hard. Not only do you have to have a steady stream of good content, but you need a plan to get that content in front of the right people at the right time. And then, you need a streamlined flow to convert it into an actionable lead. 

Our team has worked with hundreds of B2B companies over the years to design, implement, measure and continuously improve demand generation strategies that produce a consistent stream of leads who are at the ideal point in their buyer’s journey. 

In this customized, half or full-day workshop, we’ll sit down with your team and walk through the process of creating a demand generation strategy. From audience to content, distribution channels to lead scoring, we will either audit or design a demand generation for your company. The end result will be a roadmap you can follow to implement and measure results for the next one to two years. 

Key Benefits

If only demand generation was as simple as making great content and watching the leads roll in. The reality is you need a comprehensive strategy. One that connects the dots between your audience, content and marketing channels. In this workshop, we work together to design a demand-gen program for your unique audience and goals.  The outcome? A documented plan that includes:

  • NA custom lead-generation program, tailored to your company’s objective and unique audience
  • NAn audience that is systematically built and converted into loyal customers
  • NFirst-hand experience, gained by you and your team, with developing a demand-generation strategy that you can build on or recreate with other audiences
  • NAn improvement of marketing’s impact on business outcomes

Our Process

Project Kick-Off Meeting

We meet with your facilitator for one to two hours to discuss the unique environment, needs and constraints of your organization, including sales process, existing marketing assets, brand positioning, marketing technology, organization growth goals, etc.

Demand Generation Workshop

Either a half-day or full-day interactive and collaborative workshop with the marketing and sales team. Each attendee will have a workbook to follow along with and participate in exercises that encourage participation and engagement while limiting group thinking.

Post-Workshop Follow-Through

If you run into problems as you implement your plan, our team is on hand to answer questions and offer advice via phone,  free of charge*.

* Follow-on support is limited to phone/virtual meetings, basic research and consulting directly related to the contents of the workshop.

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Why Choose Brilliant Metrics Over Demand Generation Services?

Outsourcing is a common strategy when businesses don’t have the resources or skillset, so why not outsource your demand generation? While outsourcing demand gen is one option for driving leads, developing your own, sustainable strategy ensures consistent sales in the future.

With Brilliant Metrics, you get:

  • NThe best of both worlds by combining your domain expertise with our digital marketing expertise to generate a customized demand generation plan
  • NDevelopment of a demand generation strategy that considers all lead sources - not just one
  • NIncrease control of business and marketing operations as your team manages tactical execution, with Brilliant Metrics on hand to answer any questions you may have
  • NDeeper analysis of demand generation tactics (and the flexibility to change them)

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