Email Marketing 

Do you lack an established email marketing program?

Are your open rates low? 

Not seeing the ROI that everyone else talks about?

Email marketing programs, when done correctly, have a higher ROI than any other channel. That is why email has remained one of the most powerful channels available to marketers, allowing you to connect with your prospects and customers in a highly targeted way.

From transactional to marketing emails, and batch emails to nurturing programs, Brilliant Metrics offers the following email services:

  • Email technology recommendations and setup
  • Strategic email consulting
  • Email marketing audit
  • Email list cleaning
  • List and database services
  • Audience segmentation
  • HTML email design
  • Automation and  workflow creation
  • Email copywriting
  • Campaign production and deployment
  • A/B testing
  • Email fraud prevention
  • Email reporting and insights

Targeted and strategic email marketing programs create a unique customer experience that is tailored to the customer journey, and leads to increases in customer retention, customer engagement and ROI.

Key Benefits

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for generating conversions and sales.  At Brilliant Metrics, we provide both strategic consulting and serve as an extension of our client’s in-house marketing team. Here are some of the benefits our clients gained by working with us on their email marketing efforts:

  • NConnected marketing channels to collect data and create more customized email automation
  • NAlign email messaging with the customer journey to ensure we are delivering the right message at the right time
  • NCreate and deliver personalized content based on audience segmentation
  • NLaunch product-specific email nurturing programs based on detected behaviors
  • NIntroduced surveys

Our Process

Email Strategy

We work with you to identify your email marketing goals, and align on KPIs and supporting metrics to gauge program performance,

Email Design

We help you develop a branded email template that ensures your email messages meet the subscriber’s expectations while clearly articulating your message and driving action.

Email Copywriting

With your goals and the audience’s unique needs in mind, we draft email copy that is compelling and drives action. Or, if your in-house team wants to take the lead, we are available to review and advise on email best practices.

Email Campaign Management

Working in a consulting capacity or as an extension of your team, our involvement in the day-to-day management of your email programs is up to you. We can build the emails and send them on your behalf, or simply serve as strategic consulting for your team to call as questions arise.

Testing & Optimizations

Our team collects and analyzes data to produce meaningful insights that help improve program performance.


We are data-driven and believe in transparency. You will see the data and insights monthly so you know exactly how your emails are performing, and what steps are needed to improve performance.

Can’t My Internal Team Send Emails? 

When it comes to email marketing, we find ourselves competing against an in-house resource.

Compared to an in-house email marketing team, there are three areas where Brilliant Metrics provides additional value:

  • NLess expensive than hiring a full-time marketing specialist with email experience
  • NAccess to an entire team of email experts with a track record of producing effective email campaigns
  • NAccess to copywriters with experience writing effective and persuasive email copy
  • NAccess to a programming team with CSS and HTML experience
  • NTechnical expertise, compliant with evolving privacy laws and database management

If you are ready to improve your email marketing results, Brilliant Metrics can help. We’ll create a custom strategy that is tailored to your needs and goals, and work to create original content that resonates with your audience. Our email specialists will work with you to ensure your email programs fit seamlessly into your overall marketing strategy.

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