Google Analytics

Many clients come to us with the same problem: “We have data in Google Analytics, but we don’t know how to use it.”

We’ve found this is a symptom of two underlying ailments:

  1. Your Google Analytics instance is not fully configured
  2. You were never fully trained to get the value out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics works on the garbage-in, garbage-out principle, and out of the box, it really only collects garbage data. 

Working with a partner like Brilliant Metrics gets your Google Analytics instance set up right. Layered the proper training, you get actionable insights needed to continue making a lasting impact on your organization.  

Key Benefits

After working with us to (re)configure and train you on your Google Analytics instance, you can expect:

  • NA clear understanding of where your traffic comes from, both good and bad
  • NWell-configured goals that accurately represent desired business outcomes
  • NClean and accurate data that gives you confidence in your decision-making
  • NThe ability to measure the success of marketing and advertising efforts, regardless of where in the funnel they fall
  • NThe training and knowledge to use Google Analytics and independently answer your own pressing questions

Our Process

Existing Instance Audit

If you have an existing Google Analytics instance, we audit to ensure it’s installed and set up correctly with basic filters to keep data clean, and is compliant with cookie management.

New Instance Setup

If you are new to Google Analytics (or it’s a new website), we stand up a new instance and give administrator access back to your team, so you own it. We either integrate it directly into your website or work with your web or IT team to complete the integration and confirm it is set up right.


While we’re doing the basic setup or audit above, we’ll talk to you about your organization and how it works. Specifically, we’ll look at three core things:

  • NHow do you drive traffic to your site?
  • NWhat outcomes on your website are signals of business value?
  • NHow do you segment your audience when either targeting media/content or measuring success?


Based on the above discussion, we work within your Google Analytics instance and/or Google Tag Manager to configure goals, set custom dimensions and develop a custom tagging plan that anyone driving traffic to the site can follow.


Every goal, tag and dimension is cross-browser tested to ensure you are capturing the business activity that matters every time.


Once the setup is complete, we train you to use your Google Analytics instance . Are you new to Google Analytics? Great, we’ll start at the beginning. Are you an Analytics veteran, just frustrated with your setup? No problem, we’ll dive right into the changes.

Do I Really Need to Pull In an Expert?

Google Analytics is built for marketers, not data scientists. That’s 100% true. 

However, the engineers at Google couldn’t possibly configure it for every use case, out of the box . Installing analytics is less like putting on a jacket, and more like buying a bolt of fabric; there’s a lot of tailoring needed to look good!

You can do all that tailoring, yourself. There are ample tutorials and YouTube videos. Google has great certification courses. However, we all know the pressures and demands put on the average marketer. You will come out with a better setup, better understanding and ultimately better data for decision making if you partner with Brilliant Metrics.

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