Marketing Automation

  • Are you currently using a marketing automation platform, but not seeing its full potential? 
  • Does your team lack the technical and marketing automation experience to maximize ROI?
  • Are you experiencing a lack of effectiveness with your lead nurturing, email marketing or demand generation programs?
  • Do you want to add a marketing automation platform, but don’t know where to start

When you want to expand your marketing capacity, integrate technologies and advance your use of marketing automation, Brilliant Metrics can help. Marketing automation can be a powerful tool if you have the right content, creative, workflow, message and overall strategy. Even the best technology in the world can fail to realize its true potential without the strategy, workflow and content to support it. 

We have platform expertise and proven capabilities in two different marketing automation platforms – Marketo and Mautic.

  • Mautic is an open-source platform that offers businesses the flexibility to create a customized automation system. Mautic provides a robust marketing automation system that offers portability and flexibility.
  • Marketo is a marketing automation software owned by Adobe and built to help organizations automate and measure marketing tactics. It is an easy and intuitive platform that integrates well with Salesforce and offers a quick and easy setup. 

Whether you are new to marketing automation or migrating from a different system to better-meet your organization’s needs, Brilliant Metrics is an ideal partner for B2B marketers looking to maximize the automation technology to drive your strategy forward.

Key Benefits

From saving time and energy to generating more revenue, adding marketing automation to your tech stack goes beyond automating repetitive tasks. It streamlines business operations, increasing the bandwidth of your internal marketing team and helps nurture relationships with prospects and customers. As a digital-first agency, Brilliant Metrics is qualified to help you make the most of your marketing automation investment by applying our extensive knowledge of digital marketing, demand generation, and lead management. Since working with Brilliant Metrics to implement and manage their marketing automation platform, our clients have benefited from:

  • NIncreased efficiency
  • NImproved segmentation and reporting
  • NImproved economies of scale between different marketing initiatives
  • NIncreased website engagements via nurturing email programs and targeted landing pages
  • NIntroduction of more personalized marketing methods
  • NImproved alignment between marketing and sales

Our Process

Platform Selection

There are many marketing automation software solutions out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? We help you to evaluate your needs and budget, and review the features of the various systems to find the options that fit your requirements. 

Integrate with Your CRM Solution

If you are going to use marketing automation, you need a CRM solution to house the data. Wework with you and your technical team to integrate your CRM solution with your marketing automation platform. Don’t have a CRM solution? We can help with that too! 

Import Contacts

Once your marketing automation software is implemented and integrated with your CRM, it is time to import contacts and data. The process for importing contacts will vary based on the platforms, but it always starts with a review of data quality. 

Setup Templates

While many platforms include built-in email and landing page templates that can be used right away, we customize them to add your branding and preferred layout.

Onboarding and Training

Once your marketing automation system is configured, we provide a wide range of support based on your specific needs. From a basic overview to hands-on tactical training, we customize the training based on the needs of you and your team.  

Campaign/Program Execution

With your contacts loaded and templates built, you are ready to do some actual marketing. From executing campaigns and programs yourself or relying on the experts at Brilliant Metrics, we customize the level of service and support based on your needs. 

Ongoing Hosting, Service & Support

From hosting and basic maintenance to full-service execution, we customize the level of support based on the needs of you and your team.

Can’t My Internal Team Manage Marketing Automation?

When it comes to marketing automation, we find ourselves competing with in-house and agency resources: an in-house marketing automation specialist or an outsourced marketing automation consultant.

Compared to an in-house marketing automation specialist, there are three areas where Brilliant Metrics outperforms an internal team member:

  • NOutsourcing marketing automation services is cheaper than hiring a full-time specialist
  • NAccess to an entire team of experienced marketing automation experts with proven track records across different clients and platforms
  • NTrifecta of an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, technical skills and experience in the platform

Brilliant Metrics’ marketing automation services outperform marketing automation consultants in these two areas:

  • NAccess to an entire team of experienced marketing automation professionals with proven track records across different clients and platforms
  • NTrifecta of an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, technical skills and experience in the platform

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