Marketing Strategy

You know that your company’s success, and your own, depends on developing and implementing an effective growth strategy.  But knowing what you need to do and having the resources to do it are two very different things.

You have the brain but no time for strategy 

You have ideas but not the resources to execute 

You have the technology but know you are not getting the most out of it 

You have a generalists role, but specialist work to get done 

Strategy is essential to the success of a marketing program, but many marketers operate without one. It’s not enough to combine tactics with the latest marketing trends. You need a strategy to know where you are going and what makes for a successful journey.

With a track record of leveraging consumer insights, marketing trends and marketing technology to uncover new opportunities that drive overall performance, you can limit wasteful spending and transform your brand. 

We align your business goals with actionable customer understanding, sharing data across the organization to create stronger cross-team connections. The insights we uncover don’t just inform marketing decisions, they influence customer experience, product development, global strategy and business outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • NGain a deep understanding of marketing strategy that directly aligns with goals
  • NUse data and analytics to uncover opportunities and solve business challenges
  • NSolve business challenges with effective planning for deeper business insights
Case Study on the Impact of Brand Advertising

Case Study: Brand Ads Produce Higher Engagement Rate with Blog Content 

Many brands struggle to quantify or measure the effectiveness of its brand reputation on digital advertising.

Brilliant Metrics set up an experiment on Bostik’s behalf to measure the effect of brand awareness on direct response advertising and found that blog content running alongside brand ads received nearly 90% greater engagements.

Our Process

Align on Marketing Goals and Objectives

We start with the end in mind. Where do you want to go? What specifically does success look like? By documenting your goals and connecting them to business objectives, we get internal and organizational alignment on what you need to accomplish.

Start From Where You Are Today

Teams rarely keep pace with all facets of their marketing programs running at the same level. By leveraging historical data and trends, we identify gaps and uncover opportunities to achieve your business goals, identifying where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Building a Custom Marketing Strategy

We recommend strategies and tactics based on your goals and capabilities today, then explain how the right channel and resources can achieve those goals and align on the KPIs and supporting metrics.

Turning Strategy Into Tactical Execution

For some clients, we provide a tactical-execution document for their team to manage. In other cases, we build the programs from the ground up. In both cases, it is all about your growth. 


The strategies and tactics we develop are iterative plans, to be optimized and refined based on your business goals, data and ongoing performance. We look at the data monthly and perform a deeper dive quarterly and annually to determine if the current tactical execution is fulfilling the strategic plan, then pivot accordingly.

Starting at:


Why Brilliant Metrics

When you partner with Brilliant Metrics, you get access to a team of experienced account managers, strategists and MarTech experts that become an extension of your in-house team. Clients who brought us in to advise on marketing strategy have benefited from:

  • NStrategy based on data, not a “gut feeling”
  • NUnbiased options and a fresh perspective
  • NAccess to new technologies and capabilities

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