Marketing Training for Manufacturing

Worried Your Marketing Team Isn’t Keeping Up?

We get it. You’re super busy and so is your marketing team. Finding the time for training might seem impossible. But what if you could give your team a quick, powerful boost that’s nothing like those one-size-fits-all courses you’ve seen before?

Why Our Training is Different

Customized Help from Real Experts

Our trainings aren’t just videos you watch and forget. We offer live sessions with marketing pros who know the B2B manufacturing world inside out. They’re here to talk with you, answer your questions, and help tailor the training to fit your team’s exact needs. It’s a hands-on experience that can make a real difference.

You are the key to unlocking your team’s potential. By choosing to invest in their growth, you’re not just improving their skills; you’re elevating your entire operation. Each session is a step towards turning your team into the marketing heroes you need them to be. 

Which training will empower your team to achieve your strategic goals?

Content Strategy Made Simple

Plan your content so it really speaks to your audience.

What Is It: Training focused on effectively organizing and planning your marketing content. Learn to make an editorial calendar that aligns with your marketing goals, industry events, and product launches. This alignment will ensure consistent and impactful content distribution.

Impact on Team: This training gives your team the tools they need to plan content strategically. Thi can lead to more cohesive and goal-oriented marketing efforts. With a good content plan, your team can target the right audience at the best times. This will improve engagement and drive results.

Storytelling That Connects

Learn how to share stories about your products that will grab attention.

What Is It: A training focused on creating customer success stories that resonate with manufacturers. These stories emphasize how your products have revolutionized workflows or cut costs.

Impact on Team: This training enhances your team’s ability to communicate your value. They will do so not just through technical details, but also through narratives. These narratives connect emotionally with prospects and clients. Sharing these stories through newsletters or industry conferences amplifies your brand’s impact and market presence.

AI for Easy Content Creation

Discover how AI can help create engaging content without the headache.

What Is It: Explore using generative AI tools to create high-quality, engaging content. This training covers best practices for creating prompts and editing outputs. It also covers the creative use of AI to aid content creation.

Impact on Team: Introduces cutting-edge tools that can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce content. This allows your team to maintain a high volume of content production without sacrificing quality. This fosters innovation and efficiency in content strategy execution.

Email Campaigns That Get Clicks

Master the art of email marketing that people can’t ignore.

What Is It: A training focused on creating compelling email marketing campaigns. It covers segmentation strategies, email design, crafting persuasive messages, and analyzing campaign performance.

Impact on Team: Gives your team with the skills to create and execute effective email marketing strategies. This will build stronger relationships with prospects and customers, and contribute to increased customer retention and lead conversion rates.

Targeted LinkedIn Ads for Manufacturing

Create LinkedIn ads that hit the mark, with strategies tailored for the B2B space.

What Is It: This is a specialized training session on creating and managing LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Specific to the manufacturing industry, we will explore how to target decision-makers, customize ad content, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Impact on Team: Empower your team to use LinkedIn’s vast professional network. It will help them reach and engage with key decision-makers. This targeted approach enhances visibility among potential B2B clients and supports lead-generation efforts.

Facebook Ads for B2B Manufacturing

Create Facebook ads that hit the mark, with strategies tailored for the B2B space.

What Is It: Learn to leverage Facebook’s advertising platform to reach specific audiences in the manufacturing sector. This includes ways to segment audiences. It also includes making ads and analyzing ad performance to improve campaigns.

Impact on Team: It enables your team to use Facebook’s targeting. They can reach potential customers, even in niche manufacturing markets. This will help to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads.

SEO Basics for More Traffic

Boost your site’s visibility with SEO tactics that work.

What Is It: A detailed workshop on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and best practices for manufacturing websites. We will focus on keyword research. We will also cover on-page optimization and link-building. The strategies will be relevant to the manufacturing industry.

Impact on Team: It empowers your marketing team. They can boost your manufacturing company’s online visibility. This will drive more organic traffic to your website and improve lead quality. Understanding SEO is essential for any marketer looking to leverage digital channels effectively.

Lead Scoring for Better Sales

Focus on leads that are most likely to turn into sales, saving you time and effort.

What Is It: Training on implementing a lead scoring system to evaluate the sales-readiness of leads. Learn to assign scores based on a lead’s engagement with your content and their demographics. This will help prioritize follow-up activities.

Impact on Team: It enhances your team’s ability to find high-quality leads. This ensures sales efforts focus where they’re most likely to lead to conversions. This leads to a more efficient sales process and better alignment between marketing and sales teams.

Fit for Busy Teams

We Know You Don’t Have Time to Waste

This isn’t about sitting through long lectures. Our sessions are designed to fit into your hectic schedule, offering concise, impactful insights that you can start using right away. Plus, direct interaction with experts means you get answers that are relevant to your team’s unique challenges.

Who Can Join?

If you’re a US-based B2B manufacturer with a marketing team of 2-15 members looking for a real change, this is for you. Remember, not everyone will qualify for this free training, so check if your team does!

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