Mautic knows your customers. Google Tag Manager (GTM) has the power to put that knowledge to work in countless ways – personalization, media targeting, and segmentation in analytics to name a few. 

Mautic2GTM is a proprietary tool that gets data out of Mautic and into Google Tag Manager in a way that won’t bring down your Mautic server with repeated requests.

Key Benefits

After implementing Mautic2GTM, you’ll be able to: 

  • NSegment your audience in Google Analytics using data stored in Mautic fields
  • NSet up retargeting audiences in Facebook, Google or other platforms based on criteria in your Mautic instance
  • NPersonalize the web experience in ways that dynamic web content cannot
  • NFire tags selectively, based on field values inside of Mautic
  • NPrepopulate non-Mautic forms with Mautic contact information

Our Process


Our team works with you to identify the field data you’d like available in Google Tag Manager. We configure the Mautic2GTM tag in Tag Manager for you, an auth user or key in Mautic, and the Mautic2GTM configuration necessary to pass information securely between the systems.


Once up and running, you can reach out to our team at any time to troubleshoot any issues or to add or remove data fields.

What Are My Alternatives? 

It is possible to get around this need, using dynamic web content to push data into the dataLayer for GTM. That’s actually where we started when we developed this product. 

The problem you’ll run into (we know, this is why we developed this product) is that dynamic web content doesn’t like script tags, and most Mautic users will be confused by these dynamic web content entries and break or delete them.

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