Persona Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll work directly with your sales and marketing team to gather the deep knowledge your organization already has about its target audience, and get it down on paper. The result is a shared understanding, throughout the organization, about the people you need to influence, whether prospects, customers, sales champions, influencers, or outside decision-makers.

Key Benefits

We can’t begin to tell you how transformative personas have been for our clients. In addition to having a shared and documented consensus on the “who” behind your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts, here are some of the benefits our clients recognize:

  • NTighter focus in content development with less rework because everyone understands who a piece is designed to influence
  • NMore creative juices in concepting, designing, and copywriting
  • NStronger collaboration and alignment with outside agencies and resources
  • NBetter communication between sales, marketing, and customer service
  • NA shorthand code for representing a rich archetype in all communications

Our Process

30-minute Pre-Workshop Planning Meeting

  • NMeet & greet with your Account Manager
  • NAlign on the objectives and review the deliverables
  • NSchedule the workshops
  • NAsk any questions you or your team may have

Day 1 (Virtual Persona Workshop)

  • NReview the persona planning process and benefits, gaining buy-in from the internal team
  • NWork with the team to identify the target audience, and all associated roles/job titles
  • NBucket the audience into key archetypes for further persona exploration
  • NProbe the team for key attributes of each persona
  • NAlign personas with market segmentation

Research (offline, by Brilliant Metrics)

  • NGather third-party data based on the discussions in Workshop #1
  • NIf needed, administer and process a survey for internal and external stakeholders (optional)
  • NPrepare a persona template based on your objectives and brand standards

Day 2 (Virtual Persona Workshop)

  • NReview the persons identified in Day 1 of the virtual workshop to confirm everyone is aligned
  • NDiscuss conflicting perceptions and work towards consensus
  • NGuide the conversation using data gathered offline, prior to the meeting
  • NName and select photos for each persona

Research (offline, by Brilliant Metrics)

  • NValidate information gathered on Day 2, and fill in any gaps using third-party data and research
  • NProduce polished, final personas for the team to review

Present Personas

  • NVirtual meeting to present the personas to the team and get final sign-off
  • NProvide recommendations on quick ways to start using the personas
  • NWithin 48 hours, we will deliver a PowerPoint file you can use as a living document within your organization

$3,500 to $16,000

estimated workshop investment

Why Brilliant Metrics

When it comes to personas, we find ourselves competing against two options: in-house or a market research firm.

Compared to in-house persona definition, there are three areas where working with us will produce a far-superior result:

  • NAs an outside third party, it is significantly easier to build consensus within the organization. We are not involved in any of the daily politics, history, or hierarchy, and can focus on getting everyone aligned.
  • NWe have done this before. A lot. We spot the pitfalls before they happen and can consistently and efficiently guide teams to excellent results.
  • NFinally, if first-party research such as a survey is needed, we can administer that survey as an independent third party and get more honest feedback.

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