Segmentation Workshop

Are you creating one-size-fits-all content? 

Your customer base is made up of complex and varied personas in a variety of different industries and companies. Your marketing strategy should not be a one-size-fits-all initiative. After all, when you market to everyone, you are marketing to no one. 

By understanding what your best customers have in common, you can reach them more effectively, and find other prospects just like them.  Send the right message, every time, by efficiently targeting a specific sub-segment of your audience. 

In this workshop, we explore the different segmentation dimensions. Working collaboratively with marketing and sales, we uncover the audience cross-section that best aligns with your business objectives and available resources. 

The end result? You’ll leave our workshop with clearly defined segments and a high-level strategy that applies personalization and analytics to deliver highly-targeted messaging.

Key Benefits

By segmenting audiences, companies prioritize the market segments with the highest business potential. Whether you are prioritizing an opportunity or focusing your resources where they will have the biggest impact, this segmentation workshop will help you:

  • NCreate targeted, clear and direct messaging that attract your ideal customer
  • NPersonalized content, tailored to the segment, will result in a better response rate and lower acquisition costs
  • NRefine your paid media targeting, allowing you to reach a smaller pool of best-fit prospects
  • NAllocate resources to the segment(s) aligned with your business objectives
  • NIncrease overall brand loyalty

Our Process

Pre-Planning Meeting

In this 30-minute meeting, we will align on workshop objectives, review the deliverables and answer any questions your team may have.

Audience Segmentation Workshop

In this interactive working session, we align the team on the goal of segmentation and paint a picture of what is possible. We review the different types of audience segmentation, then work with the team to drill down to the right level of segmentation, only splitting customers and prospects into groups based on what the business can support. 

Segmentation Documentation and Strategy Recommendations

Post-workshop, Brilliant Metrics will provide written documentation of the segmentation discussed in the workshop, and a high-level strategy that applies personalization and analytics to deliver highly-targeted messaging

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Can’t I Just Splice and Dice My Database On My Own?

There are many ways to segment an audience. Do you segment by industry? By geography? By job title? A combination of all three? 

With unique targets and limited budgets, it is easy to quickly get in over your head. While segmentation is important for maximizing your resources, over-segmentation can actually have a detrimental effect on your marketing. The key is to find the sweet spot – the right balance between  segmentation to offer personalization, but not so segmented that the personalization gets creepy or the audience gets so small you cannot reach it.

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