Trade Show Wrap-Around Services

Are trade shows a large chunk of your budget? Do you wish you could get more from them? 

Every time you participate in a trade show or conference, you have an opportunity to no only connect with attendees physically, but also digitally. 

By wrapping your physical trade show with pre, at, and post-show digital tactics, you not only reap the digital benefits, but you increase booth traffic an human connection. 

Over the years, we’ve helped many B2B brands like yours get the most from their trade show investment, driving more booth traffic, better follow-up and an overall greater return on investment.

Let us share our wisdom with you and build a plan to get the most out of your next show.

Key Benefits

By wrapping your physical trade show with digital tactics, you will:

  • NDrive more and better-informed booth traffic
  • NCapitalize on a critical mass of your target audience with more brand impressions and engagements
  • NBook more meetings with prospects and customers
  • NCapture more leads and contact info while building media and email audiences
  • NImprove the return on investment for each show

Available Components and Tactics

Pre-Show Paid Media

Use a combination of contextual, interest and CRM targeting to reach those individuals you expect to see at the show. Get them excited for what you’ll be sharing and prime them with information on new technologies, products or services. Drive at-show meetings for 1:1 consultations.

Pre-Show Email

Using prior year attendees or specific segmentation parameters, invite your audience to visit you at the show. Paired with a show meeting scheduler, this tactic can also drive meetings at the show.   

Pre-Show Meeting Scheduler

Create a landing page that invites attendees to schedule time in the booth or meeting space with your sales team. Use technology that lets you cookie and track these individuals instead of tech provided by the show to maximize the value of generating the traffic.

At-Show Paid Media

Blanket the show floor and popular hotels with ads featuring your products and/or driving traffic to your booth. Using IP and geofence targeting your ads will be seen across a variety of mediums and platforms by show attendees.

At-Show Digital Experiences

This includes everything from digital in-booth games, sweepstakes, virtual brochures, quizzes or assessments. By integrating with your marketing automation platform or CDP you can make this engagement actionable. You can also retarget off this engagement for post-show media. Integrate SMS messaging to drive traffic back to your booth for key announcements or presentations.

Post-Show Email

Develop a personalized sequence of emails based on data gathered at the show. Be the first to respond with daily badge scan uploads into a well-oiled email automation.

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Why Should I Hire Brilliant Metrics?

You’re probably reading everything on this page and thinking, “We could do that.”

First off, you’re absolutely right, and second of all, we’d love to help you. When we work with clients on these programs we do most of the lifting for the first show or two and then hand the parts back to you that you feel better equipped to do in house – whether that’s a matter of knowledge, convenience or cost savings. 

So don’t let that DIY spirit get in the way of getting started with us and learning from our past experiences. 

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