Persona Workshop

$3,500 to $16,000

In this workshop, we’ll work directly with your front-line team to gather the deep knowledge your organization already has about its target audience and get it down on paper. The result is a shared understanding, throughout the organization, about who you need to influence, whether prospects, customers, sales champions, influencers or outside decision-makers.

Key Benefits

We can’t begin to tell you how transformative personas have been for our clients. Beyond just having a shared, documented consensus on the “who” behind your marketing, sales and customer service efforts, here are some of the benefits our clients have seen:

  • Tighter focus in content development with less rework because everyone understands who a piece is designed to influence
  • More creative juices in concepting, designing and copywriting
  • Stronger collaboration and alignment with outside agencies and resources
  • Better communication between sales, marketing and customer service
  • A shorthand code for representing a rich archetype in all communications

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Why Brilliant Metrics

When it comes to personas, we find ourselves competing against two options: in-house or a market research firm. 

Compared to in-house persona definition, there are three areas working with us will produce a far superior result:

  • As an outside third-party, it is significantly easier to build consensus within the organization. We don’t have any of the politics, history, or hierarchy to deal with and can focus on getting everyone aligned. 
  • We have done this before. A lot. We spot the pitfalls before they happen and can consistently guide teams through to excellent results in an efficient manner.
  • Finally, if first-party research such as a survey is needed, we can administer that survey as an independent third party and get more honest feedback.

Sometimes we find ourselves compared to a market research firm. In this case, the key difference is our process. We never discount the deep knowledge your organization already has about your audience. Because of this, we are able to limit the costly first-party data collection that most market research firms make their bread and butter.

We also get the exact nuggets of information that most impact how your prospects, customers and partners work with you – which issues are key to their decision-making and interactions with your business.

Our Process

Day 1 (web conference)

  • Work with your team to bucket your audience into key archetypes for further persona exploration
  • Probe the team for key attributes of each persona
  • Align personas with market segmentation

Research (offline, by Brilliant Metrics)

  • Gather third party data
  • Administer and process survey (optional)
  • Create empty personas with name and photo options

Day 2 (web conference)

  • Brain dump from the team what they know about each persona
  • Discuss conflicting perceptions and prob for consensus
  • Guide the conversation using data gathered offline prior to the meeting
  • Name and select photos for each persona

Research (offline, by Brilliant Metrics)

  • Validate information gathered on day 2 and fill in any gaps using third-party data and research
  • Produce polished, final personas for the team to review

Final Consensus

  • We deliver polished personas, ready to use
  • You gather any feedback from the team 
  • We make any needed tweaks or review any research that comes into question
  • We deliver powerpoint files you can use as living documents within your organization