Investing in the right technology isn’t enough to transform your business; you have to know how to use it. We have the technology know-how to help you implement and get up to speed on tools for analytics, automation and personalization. Let us do the heavy lifting to help you successfully navigate digital transformation in your industry.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a phenomenal tool for keeping an eye on your efforts, but with any analysis, the old rule applies: garbage in, garbage out. Our clients work with us to make sure that the right data is going into their Google Analytics instance. We also offer the training to make sure you can get the insights you need back out.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is an amazingly flexible piece of software, allowing everyday marketers to place tracking pixels, manage segmentation, pipe more robust data into analytics and more. We have extensive experience in leveraging this technology to get the most from your first-party data and analytics.


Increase the marketing power of Mautic open-source platform to retarget, personalize and customize the experience of your website visitors, based on your first-party data. Mautic2GTM is a proprietary tool for pushing your segmentation and personalization information from Mautic to Google Tag Manager (GTM). Offered as a monthly subscription service, this tool revolutionizes the level of personalization in your advertising and website.

Bot Badger

Our research shows that bots make up a large share of the traffic you use to make decisions –up to 70% from some sources! Bot Badger gets that bot data out of Google Analytics and the other systems you use to make critical decisions for your marketing. Start a free trial and find out how bots have been ruining your analytics data.

We work with you.

We want you to feel good about your growth as a marketer and about working with us. That’s why our service design is cyclical. It builds upon previous success, so you and your marketing are always improving.

Try before you buy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to try out an agency before signing on the dotted line? Our workshops offer a low-risk/high-reward way to test drive what it feels like to work with Brilliant Metrics, while also building the skills of your internal team.

Digital marketing maturity.

The Brilliant Metrics Marketing Maturity model represents the different levels of maturity that marketing teams go through as they grow. Every team has the potential to get to “fly,” and our passion is working hand-in-hand with our clients to keep moving forward.