The right tools for the job are important and can make your marketing team’s jobs easier. We’ve developed templates and tools to help equip your team with what they need to be effective. 

A/B Confidence Calculator

This calculator will tell you if your A/B test is conclusive or could be the result of mere chance. Industry standard is a 95% confidence, but some marketers will make non-critical decisions at 90% confidence. Real sticklers look for 99% confidence.

CRM Tidy

Tired of using spreadsheets to clean up data before importing it into your CRM or marketing automation platform? Yeah, so were we. So we created CRM Tidy, a simple application to tidy up your CRM records before importing.

B2B Buyer Persona Template

Creating a B2B buyer persona can significantly enhance your marketing and sales strategies by providing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. By creating detailed profiles of your ideal customers, you gain insights into their goals, pain points, and decision-making processes. Use our template to get started with your B2B buyer persona.

B2C Buyer Persona Template

A well-crafted B2C buyer persona serves as a strategic tool that fosters a deeper connection with consumers and drives business growth. By capturing essential customer insights, it enables sales and marketing teams to better understand their target audience's unique needs and preferences. Begin today by downloading our B2C buyer persona template.

Brand Vector Guide

Discover how Brand Vectors visually represent your brand's distinct attributes and market positioning. Explore the ways in which these vectors can help you create stronger emotional connections with customers, leverage competitive advantages, and ultimately align your brand's perception with your desired positioning. Dive in to start harnessing the transformative power of Brand Vectors today!

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