We Work With You

We want you to feel good about your growth as a marketer, and we want you to feel good about working with us. That’s why our service design is cyclical. It builds upon previous success, so you and your marketing are always improving. The best part? Every time you hit a new threshold, we ratchet things up to the next level in your program. We don’t want you to just take your knowledge and run with it…we want you to fly!

What You Can Expect

Our ultimate goal is to help you be the best marketer you can be. To do that, we have developed a cyclical service design to uncover opportunities and build on success.

Setup & Onboarding

(4-6 weeks prior to launch)

Set off on the right foot with a sound strategy. In a series of meetings, we align your brand objectives with the tactics we’ll use to achieve them. This onboarding period can also include one or more strategic workshops.
Once we are aligned on brand assets, we work together to create initial content or creative and build supporting documentation such as an editorial calendar, content roadmap or media plan. Then, we put the technology and analytics in place to execute and measure results. This is the fun part, because it means your new marketing program is ready to launch!


(applied twice during 30-day cycle)

Lean marketing is never set-and-forget. Our method is founded in optimization. We make minor pivots and adjustments to help improve your media performance and ROI. We also validate assumptions in strategy and A/B test to gain new insights. Optimizations occur at least twice per month, or as often as we have the data to make them. The result is a continuous loop of improvement that builds upon previous success.

Mid-Cycle Meeting

(after 15th day of 30-day cycle)

This is a virtual, 20-minute check-in on open projects and progress of your program in the period. We’ll always have data to share, but don’t expect a robust PowerPoint with lots of graphs (we save that for the End-Cycle). There is also a review of upcoming deliverables and special projects.

End-Cycle Meeting

(after last day of 30-day cycle)

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. All the data, graphs, metrics and insights you want presented neatly in a full analytics report. The End-Cycle is a 60-minute virtual meeting where we do a deep-dive into your program performance. We address your questions and discuss opportunities discovered in our analysis and optimization. This discussion plots a path forward for continuous improvement in the next period.

Quarterly Strategic Planning

In order to continuously improve, you need to assess where you are and where you want to go. Quarterly Strategic Planning is an opportunity to discuss your current goals and objectives. The review begins with an analysis of the key metrics driving your program’s objectives. We also look at your progression along the Marketing Maturity Model, and the projects and programs that will get you to the next level.