Why Choose Brilliant Metrics

At Brilliant Metrics, we’re not satisfied with the outdated agency model. We don’t want you to hand us the keys to the car and watch us drive. We want you along for the ride and under the hood with us (as much as you’d like to be). Journeying together takes you further, because it empowers you as a marketer. The more you understand the strategy and tactical execution to accomplish that strategy, the more you advance in marketing maturity.

Our sole purpose is to help fellow marketers and organizations get to the next level.

Helping you Grow

Marketing is an ever-changing industry…how are you keeping up? It is always the goal to continuously improve and grow, but sometimes you and the organization you work for need a little guidance. Often, growth in marketing can feel ad-hoc. You try to implement best practices you learned from a conference or read in the latest book, or bring in a new team member with different experience and skills. Maybe you defer to initiatives from the top that roll down to the marketing team. No matter where you are, we recognize your effort to grow and want to help you get further. We help you walk up what we like to call the Marketing Maturity Model.

A Focus on Continuous Improvement

If you don’t like disposable marketing, we’re your kind of people. Rather than reinventing the wheel each season with time-boxed campaigns that start and run based on a predetermined period of time, we help you create long-term marketing programs that build upon known insights and data. These programs have built-in KPIs, use evergreen assets, and are optimized regularly, so you see period-over-period improvement. This practice of building a marketing “machine” and then tuning it over time produces significantly higher ROI in the long run and keeps your brand aligned and focused on a consistent objective.

Alignment of Interests

The bread and butter of a traditional advertising agency was the media markup. To us, this has never made sense because we should be rewarded for producing the same or more results with less media spend, not more. For this reason, Brilliant Metrics will never mark up media. You pay what we pay, every time. This also gives us flexibility. We can partner with you to reach niche audiences or make small, high ROI media investments without having to worry about how we will be compensated.

A Respect for Both Creative and Data

If you’ve spent any time talking to other agencies, you’ll notice that they neatly fit into two boxes: Data-driven and Creative. We don’t like boxes, and we recognize this is not a zero-sum game. We think the very best work comes when reliable data informs creative and great creative produces engagement and data. As one informs the other, the feedback loop becomes an upward spiral. Each iteration of creative gets better over time and the results swiftly follow.

We work with you.

We want you to feel good about your growth as a marketer and about working with us. That’s why our service design is cyclical. It builds upon previous success, so you and your marketing are always improving.

Try before you buy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to try out an agency before signing on the dotted line? Our workshops offer a low-risk/high-reward way to test drive what it feels like to work with Brilliant Metrics, while also building the skills of your internal team.

Digital marketing maturity.

The Brilliant Metrics Marketing Maturity model represents the different levels of maturity that marketing teams go through as they grow. Every team has the potential to get to “fly,” and our passion is working hand-in-hand with our clients to keep moving forward.